June 18, 2024

Library Book Swap

Yilian Zhao, News Writer

Last Wednesday at lunch, the library held a book swap for the school in the library Annex. Tables were set up, covered with books while students and teachers alike came to browse the immense selection of books. Like the name suggests, if a book was brought in, it could be swapped, but all of the books were also on sale, at outrageously cheapIMG_3512 prices. Hardcover books were $2, paperback books were only $0.50, and some books were being sold for as little as 10 cents each!

 “I think it was a really good opportunity to find new books to read” – Netanya Castillo.

Not only was the library putting books up for trade, any students that had books of their own to sell/swap could set up their own tables too. They could set their own prices on their books and recommend good reads.

“I’m hoping to acquire some new books for my collection” said Emma Hacker.

With many people having been exposed to many great books, and many students walking out with new books in their hands, the book swap has most definitely achieved its purpose:

“To try to get books into the hands of other students.” – Ms. Proske “It’s especially effective when there are other students who can recommend good books to their peers.”

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