June 18, 2024

Me to We Initiative: We SCARE For Hunger

Me to We Initiative: We SCARE For Hunger


We Scare Hunger Event – Me to We – empowers people to transform local and global communities by shifting from the “me” to “we” mindset. We Scare For Hunger is an event hosted annually by the Me to We Club. Club members go out on Halloween to collect non perishable food items around their neighborhood, instead of trick or treating.

“Living ME to WE means working together to create sustainable change, and making a difference with everything you do.” ~ Me to We Website

Although there were many donations this year, WGSS Me to We Club still believes that there is still room for more people to get involve in the door to door campaign next year! Overall, the event is a success and definitely one of the biggest events in the Me to We Club during the year.

“We collected over 740 food items, which was amazing!” ~ WGSS Me to We Club

All proceeds went to the local Langley Food Bank. The delivery truck came by on Wednesday and the volunteers had a workout lifting all the heavy boxes with food. Special recognition to Pearl and Megan for collecting more than 300 items by themselves! All their hard work paid off! WGSS Me to We Club even had a community member phone the school to tell them that the volunteer who went to her house was extremely polite! All the people who signed up made the event a huge success.

“We are all connected. Together WE change the world.” ~ Me to We Website

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