June 18, 2024

More students, More teachers

Jordan Jacobs, Features Editor

Do you feel like the hallways are even more crowded this year? Or that all the desks are occupied in a classroom that once had empty spots? Don’t worry, it’s not your mind playing tricks on you. Walnut Grove Secondary has an extremely high enrolment this year of approximately 1900 students, and with more students you need more teachers!

I interviewed three teachers about their new positions at WGSS and while they all teach different subjects, ranging from Math to French, they could all agree on one thing; WGSS is huge!

“I’m always turning down the wrong hall or walking down the wrong flight of stairs and ending up nowhere near where I was trying to get.”

Ms. Corrigan

It is true that whether you’re a new grade 8 or an experienced grade 12, the sheer size of WGSS can be quite intimidating; this proves true for teachers too, especially if they previously taught at small elementary schools.

However, the benefits seemed to out way the possibility of getting lost for new faculty members. The perfect location, all the possibilities for students, or an alumni wanting to come back home were all reasons why teachers said WGSS was a great fit for them.

“WGSS is the school I’ve wanted to work at ever since I started working in Langley in 2012.”

Ms. Miller

Most of the teachers at Walnut Grove don’t just teach from 8:30 to 2:44. They are a part of the school in other ways, like helping coach a school team, creating a new club or thinking of new ways to improve the school.

“I would love … a school garden and/or greenhouse”

Ms. Carnrite

Whether they have always wanted to work here, or just wanted something new, all of the new teachers can’t wait to enjoy all of the things that WGSS has to offer.

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Jordan Jacobs

I am currently a grad at Walnut Grove Secondary and have been involved with GNN since grade eight. I am very involved in athletics, and will be attending SFU next year for track and field. I have a very cute and needy dog, my favourite colour is yellow, and I’m also Hufflepuff because you know Cedric Diggory. I think that's all. Oh, also I’m the sports editor for GNN.

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