April 23, 2024

Music for Wellness

Music for Wellness

Emily Song, Writer

“Music for Wellness”, a new club has just been made a couple of weeks ago! As the club’s leader, I will briefly describe what drove me to form this club.

During my wonderful summer break this year, I had the privilege to visit Korea for the first time. Near the end of my trip, I visited the senior’s home to greet my grandfather. It was a precious moment; however, it also struck me as I glanced around, that one day my parents may be the ones lying in these beds. I watched the seniors stay in bed for the majority of their day so all they were able to do was sit still, watch television, eat, and sleep. It made me realize how boring and sad it can sometimes be to live as a senior. I remember one of the seniors told me,

“My mind is still 20, but when I look in the mirror, I am but a crippled 70 year old.”

After hearing this, it left me thinking- what is it like to live like them? Despite the fact that the rooms were full, there was a chilly atmosphere of loneliness. So then I began to think it would be a wonderful idea to entertain these seniors with the joy of music!

Once I came back from Korea, I contacted one of my close friends who ironically has the same name as me, Emily Choi. She was interested in my idea and we both decided to create this club. Emily Choi said

“Music for Wellness allows members to interact with seniors and patients in hospitals and opens doors for new opportunities. Through music, we strive to bring the community together.”    – Emily Choi 

The club’s main purpose is to influence patient’s wellness with the playing of music. We are inspired by the idea of “music therapy” and how that may help with one’s mental health. Research shows that music can help the brain produce melatonin, a calming substance and has several cognitive benefits including, bringing old memories and emotions back to individuals who suffer from memory loss; such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. I believe the presence of youth and music in a senior home or hospital can be a delightful way to share love and joy to those in need.

Our club members are currently practicing for our upcoming Christmas performance at the Langley Gardens Seniors home!

One of our members of the club said:

“This club is a way to bring those passionate about music to work together for a good cause” -Lauren Kim

I absolutely agree and I hope our club will be able to uplift the health and spirits of the seniors and patients we will be visiting!


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Emily Song

Hi! My name is Emily Song. I love to play the clarinet, sing, eat, and sleep. When I am not studying, I love to sing or paint with my sister. Despite our contrasting personality, we can both relate with the love of Harry Potter, boardgames, and camping. My family genuinely loves camping and hiking so we go every summer! As for music, I love calm and slow songs. Some of my favourite artists are Billy Joel, Eagles, Daniel Caesar and Chen.

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