May 28, 2024

Editor In-Chief, Parker Zhang

It has been a few weeks since the results of the 2021 Student Council Elections have taken place. The grade representatives have been busily planning events but another planning has been afoot… the planning of who will become the next President, Grade 12 Vice-President, and Grade 11 Vice-President!

This year’s Student Council Executives are as follows:

President: Clary Lee

Grade 12 Vice-President: Daniel Lee

Grade 11 Vice-President: Sharon Kim

The executives this year are excited to get to work and have provided a quote each about what they hope this year’s Council can achieve:

I am mostly looking forward to making this year more inclusive for all kinds of students at WGSS. – Sharon Kim, Grade 11 VP

Sharon Kim, Grade 11 VP

I am excited to collaborate with different grades and make 2021-22 the best year ever. – Daniel Lee, Grade 12 VP

Daniel Lee, Grade 12 VP

I hope to create events where students will come together and uplift each others’ gator spirits! – Clary Lee, President

Clary Lee, President

The first major school event is Club Day on Tuesday 26th, 2021. Club Day is a day when all of the clubs in the school gather in the cafeteria and advertise similar things at london bus advertising cost and bring to notice what their club does as well as meeting place and time information. Clubs will set up booths in the cafeteria where a gallery walk display will be there for Gators to see. Each booth will be staffed and Gators can ask questions pertaining to each specific club. Junior Gators will be able to take a tour through the cafeteria during their A or B blocks, while Senior Gators will be able to check out the clubs during lunch.

In addition, Halloweek is quickly approaching and students are ecstatic to see what the Executive and the Council have planned!

Take a look at the calendar here for a snapshot of what Gators can expect this upcoming week!

2021 Halloweek Events!

Now that Student Council is in full swing, it is hoped that school events can get up and running again.

There is hope and confidence that Student Council can deliver COVID-safe, and inclusive activities for all Gators this year. 

Let’s get Walnut Grove back on its feet and revive that mighty Gator CHOMP!

And the next time you see Clary Lee, rise for Madam President.

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