June 18, 2024

Pop Concert in the Grove 2018!

Pop Concert in the Grove 2018!

Are you a fan of famous pop tunes like All of Me by John Legend or Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne? Did you want to see live performances of these specific tunes from your fellow WGSS students? If you answered yes to these questions, then most likely you have went the this year’s Pop Concert in the Grove, hosted by Mr. Angell in the library!

On March 9, 2018, the library was transformed into a live concert involving tables full of eager students and teachers, risers full of WGSS choir members, a full fledged sound system and a rhythm section to accompany the performers! The students from WGSS’s vocal jazz, chamber choir and concert choir came to the library to perform the many pop songs that they sang during their choir concerts just weeks before. These pop songs weren’t just songs from the latest decade, but also included some pop songs dating a while back, such as Take On Me, by a-ha. Some of these pieces even featured solos from senior students in these choirs, showing off their amazing talent and supporting an amazing performance overall.

“Even though library concerts prevent me from eating my lunch when I need it the most, I love that it’s an opportunity to share music the choirs have been working on to the people that can’t make it out to the evening concerts.” Hannah Kim, Choir Member and Performer

Many students came to watch the performance while eating their lunch, so many that our entire audience seating area was completely filled and standing audience was required! Many people were well impressed, recognizing their favorite tunes sung by the choir and occasionally singing along. The best thing about this was that it was all completely free! Whereas a full fledged concert would cost money for ticketing, the event was available to anyone who wanted to use their lunch time to watch the event!

It was a truly successful event to say the least. Thanks to the amazing effort and the passion for singing shown by the many choir members who performed during this event, it left the audience applauding and leaving the show wanting more. Thank you very much to the music department specifically for setting up this event and planning for it to happen and also specifically to Mr. Angell for helping the choir prepare for this event out of school time. And finally thanks to the performers for giving an amazing performance and the respectful audience for making the event an awesome experience for everyone! Now all that we have left to look forward in terms of the music department is the End-of-Year Concert, where the ultimate, practiced skill of the choir department will be revealed! So stay tuned!

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