May 30, 2024

Rave Reviews for Beauty and the Beast

Mehek Budshah, Writer

A depressed, hideous and lonely beast with a terrible temper and a beautiful, independent and intelligent girl who craves adventure more than anything: Beauty and the Beast is a classic story about two intriguing characters who fall in love despite their differences. WGSS has revived this “tale as old as time” through the Musical Theatre Class’s production of Beauty and the Beast. On Thursday, April 20th, some classes went to go see the matinee performance of this musical and they were not disappointed by the performance.

“The show was amazing and totally surpassed my expectations! The costumes, acting and sets were very high quality!” – Madalene Morton, Grade 8 student

The musical was an astounding show and was well enjoyed by everyone and all the effort put into the performance was evident. The production wouldn’t have been possible without Ms. Mechen, Ms. Oram, Mr. Hendricks, Mr. Angell, Mr. Fawkes, Mr. Kozlovic  and many more, who all put a tremendous amount of time and effort into this show. The sets, costumes, singing, dancing, and music was all amazing and loved by many.

“It was definitely well organized and rehearsed. The costumes were well thought-out and designed.” – Tayah Whalley, Grade 8 student

While the teachers put a lot of effort into the production, the students were the real stars of the show. All the actors and actresses did a phenomenal job and really played their characters with dramatic expression, dancing and singing. The pit orchestra played beautifully throughout the performance and brought life to the story.

“I thought it was amazing and very well done. The backgrounds were amazing. I think everyone did a great job and it was one of the best plays I have ever seen.” – Stephanie Broda, Grade 8 student

“Be our guest” and you will be taken to a world filled with dramatic acting, energetic dancing, sensational singing, and beautiful music as you laugh, cry and smile through WGSS’s highly anticipated production of Beauty and the Beast.

There are a few performances and even fewer tickets left! To see if there are any tickets left check here

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