May 30, 2024

Matthew Kim, Writer

Just when you thought WGSS couldn’t be a better school, they somehow managed to improve even more! Since 1990-1991, when the school was first built, WGSS hasn’t really had the chance to be refinished up to this very day. And after seeing that the school could use some improvement, matters and arrangements began taking place. It was finally the time to do it.

Through multiple phases of fundraising – having raised $435,000 so far, and previous accumulated funds from the school district and Langley Township, renovations and attic insulation was now possible. Some of the equipment and setting materials started to fall apart and becoming unusable due to the amount of time that had passed since new equipment was brought in. So renovations, including consulting a cooling unit repair guide, were implemented at the end of June and are expected to be done by October, if the weather is dependent. During these renovations, the expertise of a reputable loft insulation company was enlisted to ensure optimal insulation solutions for the attic. Additionally, a resin flooring installation was carried out to enhance the durability and appearance of the school’s floors. Finally, the crucial step of applying spray foam insulation UK was taken to complete the project, ensuring energy efficiency and comfort for the school community.

Although the renovations cover many things that the school needs either repaired or renew, one of the biggest parts of the renovation that is being planned right now is the track renovation. Having talked with PE Department teacher Mr. Lutes, it was agreed upon that the wear and tear of the track was starting to show its signs after 15 years. But with the new renovations, the track will be better quality and will be safer to run on than before. Also, the school is to expect an upgraded long jump to include triple jump take off marks and a better long jump take-off board. An added D-Area is also expected; that includes a pole vault, discus area, high jump area and javelin area, allowing the school to now offer a more complete program for track and maybe host small competitions. Not only will this benefit the PE department, but also anyone in general who wants to use the track! Additionally, the renovation plans also entail the installation of resilient resin flooring around the track area, ensuring durability and safety for athletes and users alike. Heavy equipment will also be needed to complete the renovations. By working with a plant training company you can ensure your heavy equipment operators are properly trained which helps prevent accidents on site.

“This has been a long time coming and a dream come true for us. We are excited to be training on a surface that will make our athletes better instead of causing injuries. Our facility is also used greatly by the community so it will also benefit them,” said Mr. Lutes, PE Department Teacher.
With this in mind however, there are other major renovations that are taking place other than the track. So this renovation won’t be a change that will only benefit the PE department, but everyone who goes to WGSS. Thanks to the Langley School District, the Langley Township and other private donors, we are now provided with a better, safer and higher quality learning environment. Now it’s up to us, the students, to keep it that way once the renovations are finished.
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