April 23, 2024

Senior Course Planning Advice

The senior years are most crucial years of your adventure through high school. These years are where students really gear down to achieve the grades they need in order to attend their post-secondary institution of their dreams. In grade 11 and 12, students are choosing their own creative paths to their career destinations and course planning is the backbone to getting to their passions and aspirations in life. Here are some pieces of advice from our seniors on the GNN team:

Netanya Castillo, Grade 11, Features Writer

Dear Future Elevens,

When it comes to course planning, I’m sure that those of you reading this article are rather conflicted over what courses to take in your coming years of high school, or what you want to spend the rest of your life doing.

Now that I am going into my third term as a grade 11, there are some things that I wish I knew before I finished grade 10 (or entered high school). One thing to keep in mind is that grade 11 is the year you should start being serious about what you want to do after graduation.

Do you want to work? Take a year off? Or are you a go-getter that wants to go straight to university or college? If you are going to post-secondary directly after grade 12, make absolute sure that you meet all the minimum requirements of your choice institutions. Most “grade 11” courses at WGSS have a consecutive “grade 12″ course; ideally, you should finish both of them.

Also, when it comes to deciding your future, follow your passion(s). However, my mother always told me, “Even though you may have more than one passion, choose to pursue the one you can be successful in.” That being said, your passion could be found in a place you least expect it. Clubs are some of those places. Take it from someone who knows, extracurricular activities and volunteering will broaden your view of life and make your resume stand out from other competitors.

Furthermore, don’t stress yourself out too much. Even if you received a terrible mark, or made a regrettable choice, remember that in the long run, it will not define who you are. And if there is only one thing you take away from this, I urge you to be gracious. Do not blame teachers for your bad grades and do not live your life with remorse.

Esther Kim, Grade 12, Writer

The courses you take next year will not solely determine your future, so for those who are stressed or don’t know what to take, I ask that you simply breathe! Go for the courses that make you happy, or the ones that challenge you (in the good way). At walnut grove, we’re lucky to have such a large variety of courses offered to us that it’s only a matter of finding it out. And for those who are worried that you won’t fit all the classes in your schedule… it’s not the end of the world! Even I couldn’t fit everything in, so I took physics 11 courses at LEC during my grade 11 year. It may not seem easy, but I assure you that there is more than one way to get to where you need to go. Just because the direction you choose is different from others is not a big deal. Don’t worry and don’t give up!


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