June 18, 2024

Staff vs Student basketball game (pre- game)

Staff vs Student basketball game (pre- game)

Jordan Jacobs, Sports Writer

Are you ready for the students to teach the educators a lesson? If so don’t miss this year’s Staff vs Student basketball game where there’s a chance the teachers will be taken to school!

On December 2nd the main gym will be packed full of eager students cheering on their favorite teams for $2 admission and only $1 if you wear Gator Gear. The student squad is usually composed of the senior boys and senior girls’ basketball teams and always excites the crowd with great skills, shots and steals! The teacher team however, can have as many players as they want and always gives the students a run for their money!

” [Its a great way] to show ourselves in a different light to the student body, have some fun and interact with them.” Mr. Kitteringham

The basketball game is held during lunch and is a fun and exciting way to spend the break. The past years have had close results and this year is sure to be no exception. This is one school event that is not to miss; If you do, come back to GNN next week to read all about this head-to-head showdown!



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