July 22, 2024

Staff vs Student Basketball Game Recap

Staff vs Student Basketball Game Recap

Jordan Jacobs, Sports Writer

The Staff vs Student basketball game was an intense head to head, or should I say “Stead to Stead”, match up that was not to be missed! The game took place on February 11th, and contained two teams who each had a Stead family member on it.

The students team featured the grade 12 members of the senior boys basketball team, along with a grade 11 Barcelona exchange student, and some grade 12 girls who enjoy playing basketball. On the staff side, popular personalities like Mr. Keen, returning gator alumni Emma Smithson, Mr. Kitteringham, and more of your favorite teachers made up the team. Mr. Bergen who did not play in the game, but had an equally important job as being the referee.

The first point in the game was scored by Mr. Kitteringham, followed by a one hand dunk on his dad by Daniel Stead minutes later that sent the crowd wild. To cut the tension, a mix-up happened between a student and the referee; she mistook him as a player and passed him the ball. The innocent mishap had everyone shaking with laughter, including the player!

By the end of the first half, the score was 13-9 for the teachers.

At half-time, a fun activity took place in which you could win one hundred dollars for making a half court shot. The contestants had to first put on an onezie, dribble between cones, and then keep their dribble while walking on a bench! After that they each had two chances to make their shot. Sadly, there were no winners but that didn’t make it any less entertaining.

The second half started out strong for the students who had teammates make multiple three-point shots in a row. Another slam-dunk followed by who other than Daniel Stead made the school change their code of conduct. Apparently, it now states that you can’t dunk twice in a Staff vs Student basketball game, especially on your dad! However the teachers fought back with great foul shot shooting and rebounding to make it 32-26 with 3 minutes left to go.

The staff team won the Staff vs Student basketball game with a final score of 32-29.



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