May 28, 2024

Stranger Things 2: The Wait is Over.

Stranger Things 2: The Wait is Over.


Will has “safely” returned from the Upside Down, trying to live his life like a normal kid, despite what he has seen and been through. It seems that the greatest has passed and that there is nothing left to fear. However, what comes next is even bigger, more terrifying and dangerous… and it’s coming for him, Hawkins and the rest of the world.

Stranger Things is back with another season, much to the excitement of millions of fans around the world. It has been a gruesome year of waiting since the first season came out, which instantly became a hit. Released this past Friday, season two is full of surprises and twists, adding to the intensity of the story. Within the growing horror that is bringing the world closer to its end, there are moments of humor, nostalgic sweetness and romance that fans have gone crazy for. To make it more interesting, several new characters have been added, with the first episode of this season, “MadMax” being named after the character Max.

“It’s a lot darker and scarier.” -Noah Schnapp, actor of Will Byers

Fans are also shocked to see how much the Hawkins kids have grown since last year, experiencing the coming-of-age on camera. Everyone is proud to see how far they have come and how powerfully they convey the emotions of their characters for this particular season. The cast has revealed that it was more difficult both physically and emotionally to film than the first because more is being revealed, especially about the characters of Eleven and Will. However, Millie Brown and Noah Schnapp did an exceptional job in portraying these characters!

“It’s a lot […] more emotional and […] challenging for me, 10 times more than the first season. Everything is explained.” -Millie Bobby Brown, actress of Eleven.

If this peaks your interest, go watch it! This show will definitely blow you away, however… watch at your own risk!

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