July 22, 2024

Student Vote Canada 2019

Student Vote Canada 2019

Lais Menezes and Sofia Vegezzi, Writers

On October 21st, 2019, official elections were held in Canada for the renewal of the House of Commons. While all voters within our country were trying to figure out who among the politicians most represented their line of thought, the government wanted to simulate those elections, here called Student Voting, in Canadian high schools in order to calculate how the young people will impact the next elections. Therefore, on October 15th,  all the students of the Walnut Grove Secondary School had the opportunity to vote during their Socials classes to express their opinion and to demonstrate their judgments at an official level.

According to the official website Student Vote Canada 2019, over 1.1 million schools, both elementary and secondary, participated in this election. Moreover, there

was a total of 1,198,988 votes divulged on October 31st. In a broad manner, the Liberal Party showed itself as the main choice for Canadians with 22.4% of the popular vote, aggregating 111 seats and yet having a so-called “minority government” in the parliament; following that, the New Democratic Party (NDP) obtained a total of 24.8% and gained 98 seats; the Conservative Party had 25% and 93 seats; the Green Party took 25% as well but guaranteed 27 seats; and finally the Bloc Québecois had 1.4% and attached 12 seats.

WGSS’s results show that our school has aligned its positions with the overall results of Canada, even if the elections were actually focused on choosing our favourite candidate for the Langley-Aldergrove area. The Conservative Party, represented by Tako Van Popta, received 27.21% of the votes, prevailing as the main choice of the gators. For the second position, there is not much detachment from the general line of thought; as the Green Party, whose candidate is Kaija Forstad, received 24.93% of the votes. Furthermore, Stacey Wakelin from the NDP, followed by 20.11%, not too much detached from the Liberal Party, displayed by Leon Jensen, who recorded 18.23% of the votes. Consequently, the last two positions go to Alex Joehl from the Libertarian Party with 5.09% of the votes, and finally the People’s Party with Natalie Dipietra-Cudmore with 4.42%.

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