April 18, 2024
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Most of us need to study at least once in our high school lives, whether it be for math, science, social or anything else. Some of us have a better way of studying than others but no matter what, we all have to study some way. Here are some study habits I find work well for me, I suggest giving a try in case you are struggling in any way.

  •  Plan it out!

  Plan out how long you want to study for, when you’ll take a break if you need to study something out when will you switch. Going in with a plan is always a good idea to do, even if it is just a rough estimate of how you want to study.

  • Make sure to take breaks!

Personally, I think this is the most important one. Give your brain a break! Don’t try to overwork your mind and cram in everything in one long study session. Study for a bit, then get some food or go for a short walk before you go back to studying.



  • Stay as organized as possible! 

  Staying organizing helps a lot when trying to plan out how you’ll want to start and I find it easier to focus. Keeping organized can make it easier to see what you need to study.

  • Try to not procrastinate 

  I know, as difficult that is because we all procrastinate at some point, try as hard as you can to do this as little as possible. The less you procrastinate the more you will get done in the long run. 

  • Don’t get distracted 

  Put away any distractions that may come up, try to put your phone away unless you absolutely need it! If you study with music put a playlist on shuffle, and look at your phone as little as possible. If you do have to use your phone, mute all notifications (especially group chats!), as they tend to pop up a lot and pull you away from your studying. There really isn’t a point in studying if you just keep getting distracted/ sidetracked that day.


  These are just some of the ways I study and I find that they work really well to get good results! Using any sort of personal trick to studying is good; as long as you are focused on what you are studying and not thinking about what you could be doing instead. We all have to go through not knowing a good way to study, so hopefully, you could get some good ideas for the next test you have coming up.

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