Why                                                                                     Spider-Man No Way Home                                                      Might Suck

Why Spider-Man No Way Home Might Suck

(Inspired by Sean Chandler) In less than a week, Spider-Man No Way Home will debut exclusively in theatres and the internet is going absolutely nuts! They are hyping this film to the max, going wild with theories, and are giving Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield some annoyance! However as excited as I am to see […]

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In Remembrance of a Beloved Boy: Cody’s Corner!

This past Monday at lunch, an emotional group met up at the library for the long-awaited unveiling of Cody’s Corner, the new section of the library that will satisfy our craving for anything graphic novel. However, how many people know why we now have this amazing new resource? In order to understand the reason behind […]

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