May 28, 2024

Take Your Kid to Work Day!

Take Your Kid to Work Day!

Brooke Barnett, Writer

 Why would anyone want to walk around with their parent all day long at their work when you aren’t even getting paid! Sore feet, tired arms,yawning mouths, plus you haven’t sat down for about half an hour! Then by the end of the day you think, ‘”How does my parent do this everyday?”

 Last Wednesday on November 1st, our Grade 9s participated in the annual Take Your Kids to Work Day, where students got to experience what it’s like to be working and even learned some important skills that could help in the future. In most cases, they completed a day in the life of their parent. Unfortunately, some kids weren’t able to participate; however, every Grade 9 was asked to complete an assignment that had to do with  considering future career ideas and job specific skills . For those who did participate, I’m sure you have interesting stories to tell as well as some fun experiences!

“It was really cool and very interesting to see all the things my dad works on and then getting to go into different parts of the airport that travellers normally don’t get to see and probably don’t even know exist!” ~ Isabella Lange, Grade 9 WGSS student.

It’s difficult to imagine being a parent and having so many things to do: working, taking care of your family, the dreaded taxes etc.  Now that our Grade 9s have an idea of what it’s like to have a job where you work the night shift or maybe what it’s like to see 20 patients a day, or what it’s like to teach a class of grade 1s, they should consider complaining about homework less! Remember, your parents might not be in the greatest mood when they come home from work, but it’s not safe to assume that they had an easier day than yours!



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