May 28, 2024

The 10th Anniversary Reunion of High School Musical

Matthew Kim, Entertainment Writer

What time is it? Time for the High School Musical cast to reunite! The hit movie series has inspired so many people to make their own musicals and dances at their schools. To commemorate the tenth anniversary of High School Musical’s first release, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel, and Monique Coleman are reunited once again, with Zac Efron unfortunately unable to join them.

“I cannot believe it has been ten years. It feels like yesterday. So much has changed” – Vanessa Hudgens

Hudgens starts off the telecast by commenting on what an unbelievable feeling it is to be at their tenth anniversary. The cast has noticed that within the ten years that passed since the High School Musical trilogy was released, the technology of the generation has dramatically changed. In the High-School-Musical-Reunion-Pictures-2016present we have smartphones and tablets, while the phones that the cast used in the movie are flip-phones.

“You remember when the idea first came about that they were auditioning for a movie musical. And there was singing, dancing and… and… an original musical” -Corbin Bleu 

Grabeel mentions that he literally grew up watching Disney and Hudgens grew up watching musicals. Tisdale jokes about stating that she “grew up not really dancing”. Upon watching each audition clip from every cast member, Bleu states that everybody brought something so interesting and so unique to the movie and that it was always so genuine. It’s that heartfelt spirit and enthusiasm that has influenced millions of children worldwide to love musicals and dancing!

“What is your favorite scene from the movie?” Monique Coleman

Starting with Bleu, he says that his favorite scene is the first scene that he ever shot with Coleman. He calls it the “Charlie’s Angel Scene” – when their characters, Taylor and Chad, try to break up Troy and Gabriella so they won’t participate in the musical. Coleman’s favorite scene is the steady hsm 2shot in “We’re All In This Together”, where Bleu’s character asks Coleman’s character out. One scene that stands out to Hudgens is the scene where Zac Efron and she were on the roof outside of the school.

“There was something magical about that scene, being up on the roof, outside with him Zac” -Vanessa Hudgens

Grabeel said that his favorite scene is the warm-ups scene with Tisdale. Tisdale adds that it was one of the scenes that Grabeel really led. To save the best for last, Efron’s pre-recorded video is aired, sharing that his favorite scene in High School Musical is when the entire cast sings “We’re All In This Together”.

In the end, the cast agrees that they did not know High School Musical would be the pop culture icon it is today. But Coleman added that the cast knew that they were part of something special. They ended by thanking the fans and walking out of the gym while chanting the legendary Wildcats cheer. WHAT TEAM? WILDCATS!

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