July 22, 2024

The Grade 8 Leadership Conference: A Success

The Grade 8 Leadership Conference: A Success

Una Chang and Lauren Kim, WGSS GNN Writer and Editor

On February 15th, the annual Grade 8 Leadership Conference took place at Walnut Grove Secondary! This year, 50 members of the Gator Leadership Club worked together to plan the exciting event for over 70 enthusiastic grade 8’s.

The Conference started off with an exciting welcome followed with fun ice-breaker games, ranging from “the name game” to “BANG” – led by Karissa Ketter and Ruby Alstead – the two MCs. Then, the grade 8s were dispersed into 4 different workshops which were Public Speaking, Collaboration, Personal Management and Involvement. In the workshops, the grade 8s developed various skills for a leader through collaborative discussions and games which was filled with lots of laughter and candy. After the first workshop, the grade 8s got a chance to talk to Wally and yummy snacks which consisted of muffins, fruits, veggies, brownies, chips, popcorn and cookies! Then, the now fed and energetic grade 8s went to their second workshops.

The day finished off with a panel of 5 WGSS alumni speakers: Alex Taneda, Tara Teng, Bonnie Tulloch, Lauren Johannesson and Tristan Van Niekerk. They talked about their experience and WGSS and how it shaped them as a person. Furthermore, they talked about how they apply the leadership skills that they honed during their secondary years in their careers/life. 

Overall, it is safe to say that the 2019 Grade 8 Leadership Conference was very successful!

Suri Zhang, an attendee, said that “it was a blast, and I learned so much while having fun! I was expecting long lectures but everything was just so well planned and hyped up, I loved it!”



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