May 28, 2024

The Mysterious History of Halloween!

Allison Holcik, Writer

As we all went out on Halloween, doing everything from partying to trick-or-treating, did anyone ever care ask, “Why do we have a holiday where we send our children to strangers’ houses in costume to get and eat their candy?”

Well, if you have asked that question, you’ve come to the right place! Halloween started as a different celebration in Celtic times called Samhain. It was a joyous gathering where people lit fires and wore costumes to get rid of evil spirits. Then, in the 1900’s, Pope Gregory III created “All Saints Day,” and proclaimed that it take place on November 1st every year. The night before was christened “All Hallows’ Eve.”

One celebration led to another and now Halloween is far more commercialized, including everything from stores selling scary decorations for thousands of dollars, and costumes that all seemingly belong in horror movies. On Halloween day we can become whatever we want, whether it be Pennywise from IT, or a mere pumpkin, the origins of this 18th century tradition will never fade! Who would have known?

“Today’s Halloween customs are thought to have been influenced by folk customs and beliefs from the Celtic-speaking countries, some of which are believed to have pagan roots.” ~ Wikipedia


Below is a link to how “Halloween” is celebrated throughout the world!

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