April 18, 2024

The Results Are In: Junior Student Council!

The Results Are In: Junior Student Council!

Karissa Ketter, Writer

As September was coming to an end and the Grade 8’s were settling in, the time for voting for student council representatives were drawing near. The elections this year were filled with posters no short of classic memes and punch lines. The walls of the school were lined with advertising and jokes, which gave staff and students quite the chuckle to read them over the days. The times for voting are now over and the results are in.



Your Grade 8 Representatives are:

~Alan Cho

~Aryan Kaul

~Kevin Zhang

Your Grade 9 Representatives are:

~Clara Joo


~Vincent Gow

~Indie Bateman

Your Grade 10 Representatives are:

~Una Chang

~Joshua Park

~Daniel Kim

Also, give a big congratulations to his year’s ELL representative: Tina Tao! 

All of the students are an important key in making this year a great one for staff, and students. It’s a big responsibility, but you can be sure they will have loads of fun while doing it. Student Council has already planned some amazing events and you are encouraged to get involved with them! The Grade 8 BBQ is October 12th and the tickets are only three dollars! Some other events you can look forward too this year are Tuff Wally, Halloweek, Junior and Senior Family Feuds, and the Wonderful Week of Christmas! 

“It’s a great opportunity and I feel very thankful that I am going to be part of Council this year!” – Una Chang, Grade 10 Representative



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