This article will contain spoilers from Spiderman: no way home and Hawkeye.

In Spiderman no way home, we saw the entrance of Matt Murdock played by Charlie Cox into the MCU. For those who didn’t recognize him, because you haven’t seen the 2015 show, Daredevil from the abandoned marvel shows. In the big web MCU’s timeline is when the show started right after the 2012 avengers and ended around the blip. He was the blind lawyer that helped Peter Parker catch the brick and the only reason for doing that was “i’m a really good lawyer.” Matt Murdock, a devoted Catholic is a lawyer by day, vigilante by night. He was blinded at age 9,  and later his dad was murdered for refusing to throw his boxing fight. For the first 9 years of his life, he was taught to not fight, to focus on studying, and get a good-paying job because Jack Murdock did not want his son to struggle like him. His father’s murder was a defining moment for young Matthew Murdock as it would help lead him down the path of seeking justice through his career as a lawyer and later as the masked vigilante, Daredevil.

He was blinded by a chemical truck it heightened all of his other senses. This wasn’t fun from the beginning as he experienced intense sensory overload. He was “trained”  by an old martial artist instructor Stick, at his new home a roman catholic orphanage called, Saint Agnes.

Sidetrack to Stick quickly, Stick was a blind (born blind) martial arts master and Chaste member. The chaste, group stick was training Matt for, was a group that was trying to take down the Hand. The Hand was an ancient and powerful ninja clan with the ultimate goal to gain immortality. They however are not proven as real in daredevil until season ~2. Matt believed Stick was lying about the war to come. Matt was not the first child stick trained, in fact before was Elektra Natchios. Elektra in the future was Matt’s college girlfriend. Stick trained her as she was the “black sky”. The black sky is an almost religious figure that The Hand worships, and the organization believes the person who becomes the Black Sky will lead them. That is why Stick wanted Elektra on his side, but she became too dangerous, so he abandoned her and moved on to Matt.

Matt and Elektra

Stick’s training which was supposed to help Matt cope with his blindness actually was harsh, as he would often beat Murdock up with his superior fighting skills and mock him for failing to win. Stick would mock Matt for his emotions and believed that Murdock’s issue was his uncontrolled rage.

Stick was convinced that Murdock would be an ideal warrior in the war against the Hand if he could control his more sensitive and caring nature. Well, Matthew couldn’t do that in fact he made Stick a bracelet from the day they got ice cream, as a thank you. Stick, disgusted by the weakness this showed in Murdock, crushed the bracelet in his hand and left the boy saying that he needed a “soldier” while Matt wanted a “father”.

Stick and Matt on a bench

However, this training taught Matt how to harness his super senses and his emotions using mediation. Matt developed his radar sense as well as superhuman hearing, smell, taste, and touch. He can even tell when someone is lying from their heart rate. Yes, Matt was still totally blinded by the accident but could sense better than anyone. Matthew would keep training after stick, became a Master Acrobat, and his fighting style is a mix of boxing and many martial arts including Savate, Taekwondo, and Krav Maga. 

 Matthew did not start crime-fighting until after university when he went to Columbia Law and became roommates with Foggy nelson. Foggy would later become his law partner. Matt never told anyone about his powers, as stick told him it made him more powerful if people underestimated him. The only one to know was  Elektra Natchios, his college girlfriend. Previously mentioned  She worked with Stick and was sent by him to Matt. However, Elektra broke Stick’s no feelings rule and the two fell in love. It ended suddenly as Elektra Natchios was there on a mission. She wants to make matt “stronger” wanting him to kill. It was the one thing Matt will not do. Elektra Natchios’ method was to bring Matt to Roscoe Sweeney’s mansion, the man who was responsible for killing his father, Matt did not kill him, only beat him and Roscoe Sweeney’s mansion left, leaving matt alone. Matt did graduate cuma sum laude, but then he heard a little girl crying for help, because of her father. Matt still had faith in the law system called cps. They did nothing so he took it into his own hands. And that’s how being a vigilante started. 

So now you have the basics, but what does Matt having a 5-minute cameo have to do with anything? Well, daredevil’s main enemy in the show was featured in another marvel project, Kingpin in Hawkeye. 

Sidetracking to Fisk, his backstory is quite dark, he killed his abusive father, but we can’t help but sympathize with him in spite of his villainy. We see him as an abused child, forced to watch as his father beats his mother. We see his first murder. We see him, ultimately, as a socially awkward and emotionally fragile man. As well as we know that is how he seems himself. His violent outbursts and hunger for power are the results of a terrible upbringing at the hands of parents unwilling or unable to do the right thing for their child. Even his mother applauded him for killing the father, making him hide the body. She even gave him his father’s cufflinks as a memento. The only person he is first to close to is his wife Vanessa. Being the kingpin of organized crime in New York is a lonely job.

Back to Daredevil, he is commonly called Mr. Fisk or they refuse to use his name at all. With Fisk returning, even though he promised daredevil to never return, for his wife, Vanessa could stay safe. 

Many theorize that in the blip. Matt and Vanessa got blipped, as Fisk returns in Hawkeye. Fisk would only return if the deal could not be held anymore. The two blipping really is the only possibility. they made this deal because as mentioned, matt will not kill, even though Matt 100% could have. Fisk in many ways is the opposite from the most gruesome murders, but he and Matt do seem to have a lot in common. Both of them want the best for hell’s kitchen (yes it’s a real place, not just Gordon Ramsay’s show) even if Fisk has a weird way of showing it. 

My hope after adding Fisk and Matt into the MCU is we see other characters like the defenders, I do fear they will turn their characters into a PG-13 version as Marvel is owned by Disney now.