May 30, 2024

Mehek Budshah, Features Writer

They say the hardest part of a journey is always the first step. The first step that our new Grade 8s took on the prestigious “Becoming One of Us” Day, as they walked through the crazy halls of WGSS to their very first class, was the start of a long journey. A journey that our Grade 12s are about to finish, graduating as the Class of 2018. With sports teams and clubs starting up soon, this year is bound to be full of excitement and the occasional chaos from the start, right until the very end.

Going back to school after a long, relaxing summer vacation is always difficult, however, the majority of our new grade 8s are excited to be part of Gator Nation and start their high school adventure!

“[WGSS] is an amazing school and if I had the choice to go to any other school I would decline 100%!” – Averyl Foden, Grade 8

So far, the Grade 8s seem to be enjoying the freedom they are given through choosing electives. Woodwork, textiles, foods, and drama seem to be the favourites. However, electives aren’t the only thing our new Gators are looking forward to. Clubs, sports teams, school events and the chance to make new friends are some of the numerous other things they are excited for.

Although there are several interesting opportunities for the Grade 8s, there are also some fears and concerns our new gators have.

“There’s a lot of tall people, and they scare me, but they’re nice.” – Reese Renaud, Grade 8

Some fear of getting teachers that teach differently than they’re used to, or having to run loops in P.E. every now and then. And of course, there is always the fear of being crushed by towering seniors in the hallways, even though most of our seniors are awesome gators! Homework is another major concern for many Grade 8s. The fear of being buried in essays and math problems is what seems to cause nervousness all around.

The Grade 12s on the other hand, are eager to graduate, yet somewhat nervous and doubtful at the same time.

“I thought I’d have my life together by Grade 12.” – Bobby Yi, Grade 12

Some wished that their summer had never ended, whereas some are ready for the independence and responsibilities that come after graduating. Many look forward to the choices there are to make, and the freedom that’ll come with it.

“I can’t wait to eat ramen for the rest of my life.” – Kavin Kadam, Grade 12

There are also some things that the Grade 12s are anxious about: university applications, graduation requirements and future jobs for which you will be getting a w2 form from the same employer on each pay day. While many grads are hoping for a perfect High School Musical graduation, some are in a rush to receive their diploma, and begin their lives!

They say five years zoom by fast, and soon enough, our Grade 12s will finally feel the gravity of that statement. As for our Grade 8s, this is just the beginning of your high school experience, something you’ll never forget. No matter what grade you’re in, we all know you’re secretly looking forward to a year at WGSS full of laughter, excitement, and dreams coming true together!

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