June 18, 2024

Writer, Sophia van Zanten
Once upon a Broken Heart is one of my favourite series of all time, and with the third and final book being recently released, I’m getting super excited about it all over again. This fairytale-like fantasy series takes place in the same universe as Garber’s other series, Caraval, and largely focuses on the theme of love, but also touches on good vs. evil, and truth and lies. This series is so worth reading and almost impossible to put down.

The first book, Once Upon a Broken Heart, is from the perspective of Evangeline Fox, a girl instantly recognizable by her naturally rose gold hair. “For as long as she can remember, Evangeline Fox has believed in happily ever after. Until she learns that the love of her life is about to marry another, and her dreams are shattered. Desperate to stop the wedding, and heal her wounded heart, Evangeline strikes a deal with the charismatic, but wicked, Prince of Hearts.”* The Prince of Hearts, informally known as Jacks, is a fate. Fates are this universe’s form of gods, and striking a deal with any of them ultimately doesn’t end well…

*Blurb of Once Upon a Broken Heart – Stephanie Garber

I immediately fell in love with this book and spent nearly all my free time reading it, hence it didn’t take me very long. I got so excited about OUABH that I pestered my friends till they read it, reserved the next one on hold, and pre-reserved third one months out.

The second book, The Ballad of Never After, only furthered my love for this series. The connections between characters deepen, and we learn more about the all mysterious Jacks. Evangeline’s importance grows, and in turn the danger she faces. The thing about ballads is they often end in tragedy,
and the plot twist at the end of this book drove me crazy.

The thing about ballads is they often end in tragedy,
and the plot twist at the end of this book drove me crazy.

The characters stayed with me long after the final page, and I found myself thinking about them days later. I was desperate to read the last one and have never wanted a book to come out so bad.

The third and final book, A Curse for True Love, came out at the end of October, and I’ve been waiting what feels like forever for it. This book is mostly from the perspective of Evangeline but also dapples in the perspectives of other oh so important characters, Jacks and Apollo. Many questions were raised in the last book and I’ve never been so eager to have them answered. May the best villain win… This book is so popular I’ve only been able to read the 5 chapter preview on google, and am waiting not so patiently in 42nd spot for my turn to read it. From what I’ve read, the craze is appropriate.

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