June 17, 2024

Walnut Grove’s Got Talent! Call for open auditions

Walnut Grove’s Got Talent!  Call for open auditions


Have you got a crazy talent?

Can you sing? Dance? Rap? Juggle? Impersonate celebrities (or teachers)? Yodel? Stand up Comedy? Do anything entertaining? Well Walnut Grove’s Got Talent is for you!

You could win $100 for showcasing your talents! The auditions are as follows:

December 1st-Auditions
December 8th-Top ten!
December 18th-Top 3 Perform at the famous WGSS Christmas assembly!
Note: The auditions will not be seen by anyone except the judges.  Signers are expected to sing without the use of background music, unless they perform it themselves.  For Top 10 and performance at the assembly for the top 3, background music can be used.  Send any questions to wgssstudentcouncil@gmail.com or tweet them to @wgss_stuco
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