April 18, 2024

Walnut Grove’s Winter Concert 2019

Walnut Grove’s Winter Concert 2019

Lauren Kim, Entertainment Writer

It is the month of December, the time of year filled with a multitude of festivities celebrated with friends, families and our community. However, everyone looks forward to one day, in particular, a day of giving and receiving presents and eating warm suppers with loved ones in a joyful environment: Christmas! One of the many events that our school celebrates this special day is through music, and this year, Walnut Grove’s music department successfully hosted their annual winter concert! To express the joy of Christmas, music groups of every grade had the chance to perform Christmas songs of a variety of genres, such as jazz and classical music.

Hundreds of people attended this concert, and our bands and choirs never fail to please and captivate each listener. Teachers, parents, seniors, children and students alike are left amazed at the impressive repertoire that the groups manage to pull together in just a month; since the annual fall concert and the winter concert are only a month apart, the time between the two are packed and filled with hardships, yet with perseverance and passion, students were able to work together as a cohesive unit to produce an amazing result.

The groups that performed were:

  • Junior Concert Band
  • Junior Jazz Band
  • Intermediate Concert Band
  • Intermediate Jazz Band
  • Senior Concert Band
  • Senior Jazz Band
  • Concert Choir
  • Chamber Choir
  • Jazz Choir

By ending this year with good music, we hope that for many years to come, our school’s music department will continue to thrive and spread joy through their performances. We also thank Mr. Fawkes, Mr. Angell and Mr. Hendricks for allowing giving the students this opportunity to perform. Happy Holidays everyone!

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