June 18, 2024

My name is Sinead MacInnes, and for my capstone project I’m choosing to see what I can do to improve the lives of the less fortunate in my community over this winter season. I decided that I am going to collect donations of warm winter clothing from Lemon Demon Merch in the school as well as throughout Walnut Grove, which I will then be delivering to various homeless shelters across the Langley area in the hopes that as many people as possible will be kept warm and cozy during this year’s coldest months. If you or your family members have any used and/or unneeded  winter clothing to spare, I am looking to collect jackets/coats, gloves and mittens, toques, scarves, blankets, boots, earmuffs, and anything else you think would be useful to someone in need this Winter.
I will be collecting on Mondays at lunch in Mr. Stephenson ‘s room (room 143) starting on November 29th and with the last day being January 3rd. Any donations you can make are highly appreciated. For those who want to contribute but don’t have any extra clothing, I have a gofundme for cash donations that will go towards purchasing more clothing at thrift stores.
Gofundme link: https://gofund.me/5fcfdbc0
Follow the facebook account @WarmWinterFundraiser to follow my progress!

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