May 30, 2024

Welcome Grade Sevens

Welcome Grade Sevens

Allison Holcik, Writer, Editor

One of the busiest times in a student’s lives is when they transition from a simple elementary student into a glamorous high school attendee. Not only do they have to move schools, meet new people, and try not to get lost, but they also have to decide just what classes they want, what electives they are interested in, and basically, what they will do with the REST OF THEIR LIFE!
Oof. That’s a lot of pressure. However, there are some tools designed to help out the kids in need. There are the school visits by Ms. Ruffo, and the Grade Eight Initiation. But first and foremost, there is the much-anticipated Grade Seven Open House.

This is when the grade sevens from our feeder schools, (Gordon Greenwood, Alex Hope, James Kennedy, Dorothy Peacock, Topham and West Langley, to name a few) all flood into Walnut Grove to meet up with teachers, current student volunteers and more to learn about and explore our school.

“[What I like about the open house is] being able to bring the WGSS community together… and introduce [the school] to Grade Seven’s and their parents. ” -Ms. Lee, Foods Teacher and Staff Volunteer

With GQ’s leading tours through the school, parents trying to read maps and not get lost, and students excitedly racing about, this event was not only boisterous but also showed the great values of both staff and students who want to help out the future Grade Eight’s. As I walked through the halls Thursday night, I got to see a view of the school that was so different from what it is like during the day. The various departments showcased many projects, teachers and courses, with science experiments, flow charts and food samples.

Here is what the parents liked about the event:

“Student displays-[show] what they could make in shop, art, etc.”

“[It was] good to have a few minutes to talk one on one with the teachers.”

“I was blown away by the opportunities (and equipment) that is offered to the students!”

With everything from Gator Pod to Art, the Grade Seven’s sure have a lot to think about as they head into their high school years. The only question now…? What will they try first!

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