May 28, 2024

Welcome to WGSS! Q & A

Welcome to WGSS! Q & A

Mehek Budshah, Editor-in-Chief,

Hey Gators! School has started, and for quite a few of us, so has the stress. However, for the ambitious Grade 8s, their highschool journey has only begun! Saying that, questions often arise for these curious eighth-graders, and today, we’ll be answering the most frequently asked questions and addressing the concerns that some of our new Gators may have. Without further ado, here are the top 5 answers to all your questions!

“Where do I eat lunch?”

Although lunchtime is only forty-five minutes long, it can feel like an eternity to find the right spot. Fortunately, WGSS is full of wonderful locations to have a bit with your friends, or even alone while studying. Some of the spots include:

  • Courtyard
  • Library Annex
  • Hallways (as long as you aren’t blocking the pathway!)
  • Cafeteria
  • Benches outside the cafeteria
  • Some teachers’ classrooms (with permission)
  • Study tables around the school (Math hall, Spanish hall, etc)

There are many more perfect locations to have lunch and over time, you’ll find the ideal place. Most places are always available, as long as you remember to be respectful and not leave any garbage behind!

“Why can’t I get my locker to open?”

Everyone remembers the days in grade 8 when the bell would ring and there were only five minutes to open your locker, grab that binder and run to the next class. Although now it seems like a slice of cake, in grade 8, everyone struggled with a jamming locker. Below are a detailed version of steps on how to open a locker, taken from WikiHow’s “How to Open Your Locker”

  1. Spin the dial at least three times to the right (clockwise), all the way around. This “clears” the lock of any previous numbers
  2. Turn the dial to the right and stop at your first number. Always start with a turn to the right!
  3. For your second number, turn the dial to the left, going past zero and your first number. Then stop at your second number.
  4. For your third number, turn the dial to the right and go directly to the last number. Leave your lock on this number. Always remember: right, left, right
  5. Pull the lock open and out of the hole, or pull the latch or handle, if there is one. Otherwise, tug on the knob to open the locker.

If despite your efforts, your locker still doesn’t open, don’t hesitate to approach a friend, a teacher, or even someone just walking by. In most cases, everyone remembers their tough times, and is more than happy to help you! Don’t forget to lock your locker after using it and NEVER TELL ANYONE THE COMBINATION!!! Doing so could get the other person and yourself into serious complications.

“People say there’s a lot of homework in highschool. Is that true?”

There is often the assumption made that the biggest change from elementary/middle schools to highschool is the overwhelming amount of homework. As a senior in high school, I can assure you that that is not true. For four years, I’ve tried every study method, seen different teachers give different amounts of homework, and even figured out some tricks and tips.

  • You’ll only have a piling amount of homework if you leave if for tomorrow: Meaning, that when an assignment is given, you should try your very best to finish that assignment on the same day. Or if it’s a project, start it as soon as possible! The earlier you’re done, the more free time you get after!


  • Plan your day/weekend out: Try to make to-do lists of what you’ll be completing and a timeline of how long it should take you. The same concept applies to when you’re studying. Set a timer for one hour to study science, then grab a snack and plan to finish that English essay. Time management is a valuable skill needed to survive these next five years, and you know what they say, early habits die hard!


  • You get what you put in: In the end, your grade will display how much work and time you put into the course. By finishing that project or studying for days, not only do you learn, however, your grade becomes a reflection of all the hard work and hours you put in.  And trust me, it’s always worth it. So next time you think you deserve a better grade, maybe check in with yourself to see how much you’re really putting in.

“I have no idea what I want to do when I graduate, help!”

This final question is one faced by almost every grade 8. “What do I do? What courses do I take? What are the credits? How many do I need to graduate?” All these questions have only one answer: talk to your councillor.

Grade 8s, you all have an amazing councillor, Ms. Ruffo, and she will gladly answer and guide you through any questions, concerns, or issues you may have inside or outside of school. We also have a wonderful Career Advisor, Ms. Balouch, and her office is right beside the councilling centre. Ms. Ruffo and the rest of the fantastic councilling team are available in the councilling centre across from the office, every day. Don’t ever feel awkward or scared to go talk to them. I can assure you, that many others are facing the same obstacles as you, and absolutely no one is there to judge you or make you feel bad about yourself. The councillors all are in our school to support you and guide you through this beautiful journey of high school. If you want to find you more, check out WGSS’ counselling website! ↓

“What’s one thing I should know?”

If I could give only one piece of advice for the five years to come, it would be to get involved. Whether that be through playing for a team, running for student council, or singing in a choir, GET INVOLVED!!!  Not only does it make your highschool experiences more valuable, moreover the memories that are made are those that tend to make highschool the memorable five years it is. Meet new people, join that club, take that course. In five years when you’ve graduated and life is just about to begin, the last feeling the world you want to feel is regret. High school isn’t just a place we come to for five years then say goodbye. Highschool is a process of discovering who you are, taking risks, and learning from mistakes, and by getting involved, that’s exactly what you’d be doing. Find something you love and want to be a part of, then join it!!! The time and effort will all be worth it in the end. Enjoy your high school experience, grade 8s, because the time will fly faster than you can even imagine.


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