May 30, 2024

Matthew Kim, Entertainment Editor

“Ideas worth spreading” TEDx motto

On September 21, 2016, 14 students from WGSS went to a TEDx conference that was held right here in Langley. It was not just WGSS students; there were also schools from around the whole district, including R.E. Mountain and D.W. Poppy.

What is TEDx? Well, it is a mini conference where a few individuals come together to talk to a group of people about things regarding the community. These TEDx conferences are held by non-TED staff, so pretty much anyone can set up a TEDx conference at any place in the world. At the TEDx conference in Langley however, it was designed for students. With topics ranging from LGBTQ issues to the life of a former drug addict and cocaine addiction signs and symptoms, Speakers ranged from a person on the autistic spectrum to a high school student who is below average height. This TEDx conference was definitely targeted towards youth.

“You are no longer your greatest obstacle, but your greatest asset, so go make that a reality.”
Reece Doppenberg, TEDx speaker

So what happened at the TEDx conference? Well, it wasn’t all just talking and speech. Since the conference was being held at the Kwantlen Long House, we started off the day by listening to songs a couple of Kwantlen men have prepared for us. They were songs of thankfulness and respect.

Then there were some speeches. This was a mix between guest speakers for the actual conference and a presentation of inspirational speakers from past TED talks. What made this different, however, from regular TED talks is that most of the guest speakers were students at either high school or university, so their topics are relatable in our lives as well.

Around nine guest speakers were introduced to the TEDx conference and each of them had something interesting to say.  It wasn’t just all informative and facts. There were also personal experience stories, comedy, and songs. For example, one guest speaker with autism even came to the TEDx conference with no prepared speech!

“I want you guys to go home and when you guys see a kid with autism, I want you guys to say ‘hi’ to them.”
Alexander Magnussen, TEDx speaker

However, this wasn’t all to the conference. After a quick snack break midway through the conference, two people swept the audience away. We were treated by a gymnast and dancer, a third grader and a professional. It gave us a time to sit back and relax from speeches.

“Accept others for who they are and just let them be happy.”
Ahnika Barber, TEDx speaker

As the conference came to a close and the last speaker gave his final speech, everyone came out saying that it was a great experience. They learned something new today. You are never too old or too young to learn new things. That’s why people do TEDx conferences and TED talks.  Whenever someone is excited about something, those thoughts and ideas are always worth sharing.

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