April 23, 2024

Lauren Kim, Writer & Una Chang, Writer

The time has finally come! Spring break is here and for many Gators, it’s the chance to try new things. This year, there are several trips lead by teachers occurring over the two-week break, and students who were interested ceased this opportunity to learn about other cultures, to help those in need or to pursue their dreams.  Here are some of the highly anticipated trips:

Iceland (lead by Ms. Anderson) – March 13th -March 19th  

The students will be doing exciting activities like the Glacier Hike and will be visiting various places such as the Blue Lagoon Spa, the Viking Museum and the Pingvellir National Park (world’s oldest democracy founded in 930CE!). The students wanted to attend this trip to explore their “natural wonders” (Brenna Walley,  grade 10), since “Iceland is one of the cleanest and beautiful places in the world” (Marianna Cheng, grade 10). Students are very excited to see the Gullfoss, the golden waterfall famous for its double rainbow and for the possible sighting of the northern lights.

This is going to be an amazing opportunity for the students who have signed up to go. They have put so much positive energy into this excursion and we are thrilled to be able to provide them with this opportunity to travel to such a unique location in the world.” –Ms. Anderson

Cambodia (lead by Ms. Bryant-Taneda) – March 10 th-March 20th

This is the perfect trip for students who want to be more involved because they will be walking beside Cambodians and learning about the things they do in their daily lives, such as their ideas to farm, to breed animals,  to plant rice and to make money.  Not only they will also be visiting cultural sites that tell about the history of the Cambodian people.

“I think it’s really important for students to not only learn about people who live in poor countries but also to walk beside them and see what they’re doing to help themselves get out of their poverty.” -Ms. Bryant-Taneda

They will not be in the greatest luxury,  for they are going to be sleeping on the cement floor and have mosquito netting, but this will truly be a great learning experience for both students and adults.

New York (lead by Mr. Lincke) – March 14th -March  23th

The many theatre students that are attending this trip will get to experience the true broadway experience as they travel the bustling city of New York. In the course of eight days, they will see seven broadway shows. They will also be doing other exciting activities such as visiting Manhattan and going on the behind-the-scenes NBC Studios tour, in which famous shows such as the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon were made. Additionally, they will have the convenience of exploring the city at their own pace, thanks to services like car rental Dubai airport. Also, you will have options provided by Discover Cars Review. If you’re wondering, is Discover Cars legit? rest assured, it’s a reputable service.

“This is a great opportunity for kids to see their first broadway play and the sights and sounds of New York City.” -Mr. Lincke

These trips are all thanks to the school staff because without them, these events wouldn’t be possible. These experiences will truly be something that both teachers and students will never forget.

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