May 30, 2024

WGSS “Halloweek” Recap

WGSS “Halloweek” Recap

Una Chang, Writer

As Halloween ends and the Christmas Season approaches, WGSS Student Council has successfully run their annual “Halloweek” from Oct. 27th to the 31st! “Halloweek” consists of a week full of fun events and theme days to pump up the excitement of Halloween.

“We brainstormed during one of our council meetings and gathered as many ideas as we could for possible events.” ~ Victoria Nordal, Vice President of Student Council

This year, there were a variety of fun and awesome events that took place! Here’s a Recap:

Thursday – October 27th

The start of “Halloweek”, October 26th was a flannel theme day! Many students participated and it was great to see all the different flannels. Student Council also handed out free chocolate in the morning, which was delightful. In addition, there was a “guess the amount of chocolate” jar in the library.

Friday – October 28th

On Friday, the exciting Fear Factor took place in the front foyer. Teams were given a bowl filled with spaghetti and had to find toy spiders and worms in the bowl – with only using their face! That sure got a bit messy, but it was very entertaining to watch!

Monday – October 29th

On the day before Halloween, WGSS had their annual pumpkin pie eating contest as part of Halloweek. Teams competed to finish the pumpkin pie the fastest in order to win the prize: another pumpkin pie! It was super gross, especially when the pies got into contestants’ noses while they were trying to finish it quickly. However, we can all agree that it was a sight we won’t forget..

Tuesday – October 31st

On Halloween Day itself, Halloweek finished off with a photo booth with WGSS’s mascot, Wally. The day was filled with loads of excitement. Students can check their photo’s on the WGSS facebook page here:

“Senior members of council teamed up together to lead events with support from junior council member. But, I would say that all the events were successful!” ~ Victoria Nordal, Vice President of Student Council

Overall, “Halloweek” was a blast and many WGSS students definitely had a Halloween to remember.



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