July 22, 2024


Walnut Grove Secondary School opened a Hawaii  of its own on May 4th, 2016 with great success. If you are a WGSS student, you might have seen the posters advertising the big event hosted by Student Council throughout the hallway all week. The posters as well as advertising proved worthy as the annual Hawaiian BBQ attracted a large crowd to the courtyard and in my response, it still attracts a lot of tourists to the state. The whole event was organized by the Student Council with the help of numerous teachers that were spotted at the sight dancing and laughing to the music.  

The grill smelled awesome and excited chattering of students could be heard from all around the school. There were flower leis handed out to each and every student that were in line by Student Council members. The overall atmosphere of the courtyard was phenomenal to say the least. But what made the event so exciting was the food. For only $4, students were given a hot dog, a bag of chips, a can of pop, as well as an ice cream sandwich! The affordable price as well as the delicious food allowed for friendly competition among the students. As a result, there were students lined up out the door to get a ticket.

Anybody could see that much effort was put into making such an organized, successful event. When asked about the Hawaiian BBQ, Seleen Ly, a grade 11 student, said,

“It was my first time at the Hawaiian BBQ and at first I was skeptical because of the large crowd, but it turns out I had an amazing time! The hotdog was really juicy and the Student Council members were so cheerful!”

Ultimately, the event was extremely outstanding and left the WGSS students wanting more.

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