May 28, 2024

WGSS hosts 2016 District CB Festival

WGSS hosts 2016 District CB Festival

Lauren Kim, Writer

“You don’t know how privileged I am to celebrate the power of music with all of you” Claire Guy, Music Teacher


Just a few weeks ago, the District Choir Festival rolled along at RE Mountain. This time, on November 17, 2016, our school hosted the 2016 District Concert Band Festival. Schools from all around the district, including RE Mountain, Langley Fine Arts and DW Poppy, came together into our big gym to play the two or three songs that they have heavily practiced. Music from Lord of the Rings, Dance Macabre, to songs that you may not have heard before, everyone in the gym was in for quite a treat.

The District Choir Festival is where schools from all over the district meet together to play songs that they have prepared. There are adjudicators there as well, people who have the music with them. They listen to each band perform and record some comments about each performance. Comments include things that they did well and things that they might need to improve on. It’s not just all performances and shows, but also a learning experience for the bands there!

“No, you cannot find any better opportunity to get better musically than through feedback of an official adjudicator” Steven Song, Grade 10

The gym was divided into three sections and 8 bands took turns playing their songs. All of the musicians were here to share their music with us, and the hard work that has gone into its preparation. It was easy to say that this festival was a great success. The audience was wowed and the senior band students got to listen to other bands like them. The room was quickly filled with music and joy as the day moved on.

The day soon came to a close however, but everyone was greatly satisfied with what they heard. We would like to thank the music department of WGSS, Mr. Fawkes and Mr. Angell for making this day possible. Without the set-up, this day would not have happened. Also, big thanks to the Senior Band students too, they represented the school very well. Be sure to be on the lookout for other musical events such as these at our school! They are definitely worth going to!

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