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WGSS Remembers: Past & Present

WGSS Remembers: Past & Present


On Thursday, November 9, 2017, WGSS held an emotional assembly in honour of the soldiers that fought in the war. The assembly involved filing in the student body while the Senior Concert Band played war songs in the background. Next came the Chamber Choir’s rendition of “O Canada,” which was filled with harmonies and crisp diction. The choir also sang a sorrowful song called “After the War” which entails the story of two lovers during a time of extreme violence. The drama department also prepared for the assembly by acting out a shadow dance to the words of the heartfelt song.

“After the guns are silent
After your wounds have healed
After those crosses been planted in all those fields
After that long boat ride all the way across the sea
And after this train carries thee

After your boots dry and the tobacco is all but gone
Along with all those post cards you’ve carried under your arm
After I remember all the words I could not say
And after this long night fades away

After this blackbird lifts from up off your chest
And after your soul takes its final rest
My love please forgive me, I never planned to die
And love placed two pennies over mine eyes

I will love you after the war
Love you for always, forever more
I will love you after the war
Forever, for always and more”

What followed was a military march from WGSS students in cadets and a powerful speech by representing students of Humanitarian Club. The speech included everything from the heartbreaking poem written by Hannah Pirhonen (Grade 12) called “Dear Husband.” This piece was so moving, that it even won second place in a recent war poetry contest!

“Dear Husband,
You have only been gone for a week
It feels like a life time
What I would do for one more kiss
One more minute where you are mine

Dear Husband,
Your daughter took her first steps today
She said she misses her daddy
I tell her “He is off winning the fight,
Please be patient Maddie”

Dear Husband,
I found your tie in the drawer
The one you wore on our first date
It is my favourite with red and blue plaid
You joke it is the one you hate

Dear Husband,
I got a letter back today
This time, it wasn’t from you
It started “I regret to inform – “
And that is the moment I knew

Dear Husband
Today I thought of you
With a poppy pinned over my chest
You fought long, brave and hard
I will miss you every day you rest”

The speakers then proceeded to emphasize the importance of remembering our soldiers in present times and not just the past. Ethan Eigenfeldt and Kevin Kim expanded on this concept with their touching video that moved the WGSS masses. (The video is linked below). In addition, WGSS Leos Club volunteered at the Fort Langley Memorial and witness representatives of School District 35 placed a wreath in the cemetery in remembrance of the sacrifices our soldiers made.

“May we never forget that the cost of peace’s absence has already been far too high.” ~ A Memorial Prayer for Remembrance Day

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