July 22, 2024
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WGSS Senior Girls Basketball Rep Gators to Provincial Runner-Ups

WGSS Senior Girls Basketball Rep Gators to Provincial Runner-Ups

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The Senior Girl’s Basketball team has achieved an extraordinary feat by securing the second-place trophy at the provincial championships this season. This remarkable accomplishment will undoubtedly be etched in the school’s athletic history as a momentous achievement. The team’s exceptional performance and commendable sportsmanship have earned them well-deserved recognition. In addition, their accomplishments are a source of pride and inspiration for the entire school community.

According to Kyanna Knodel, one of the team’s players, the team’s most significant challenge was at provincials when they struggled to block out the opposing team’s negative cheering. Similarly, Abby Adams, another team player, faced difficulty adjusting to the intense environment with a sold-out crowd at LEC, unlike the more intimate setting at WGSS.

COVID-19 posed many restrictions on events such as sports tournaments, but this year, fans were excited to return and cheer on their favourite teams during the 2023 provincials. According to the players, the encouragement from Gator Nation has been valuable.  Kyanna Knodel illustrates the atmosphere during the games as, “very supportive coming from [WGSS’s] student section!”.  Adams adds that “seeing teachers, parents, and students,” coming out to show their support,” meant a lot.”

The team’s journey to the provincial championships was about achieving success on the court and creating memories that would last a lifetime. Abby Adams recalls her most memorable moment: “Seeing how many students from Gator Nation came out to support the team.” She also expressed confidence in having teachers, parents, and students come out to support them. For Abby, the support of the entire school community was a defining factor in their journey to the championships.

Kyanna Knodel, fondly remembers the team’s most memorable comeback game. The thrill of the game and the team’s hard work and determination in securing the victory made the experience unforgettable

The team’s success symbolizes their determination, hard work, and perseverance and is a source of inspiration to all aspiring athletes at WGSS. Anyone who went to some of the final games at the Langley Events Centre will know that the energy inside the gym was overwhelming with Gator pride. It’s no question that sports are a major focus for WGSS.

Usually, our cheering sections are roaring. Abby Adams says, while she loves seeing support from the Gator Nation she tries “to tune out what the fans are saying, but obviously you can’t tune out everything.” The reality is there is always going to be another team that wants you to lose, but Adams “ignores what they’re saying about [her team] and play the game.” Kyanna Knodel agrees “the atmosphere was very supportive coming from our cheering section” and even in moments when it didn’t look good “[she] stayed positive and never gave up… the game is not over until that last buzzer.”

The 2023 Senior Girls Basketball team’s achievements will be remembered for many years to come, and we at GNN are excited about the next generation of basketball players.

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