June 18, 2024

WGSS Terry Fox Fundraising Comes to a Close

Matthew Kim, Writer

The WGSS Terry Fox Fundraiser of 2017 had many students and teachers excited to become a part of this fundraising opportunity. WGSS was ready to start raising funds for cancer research.

For many students, the Terry Fox fundraising was an opportunity for them to get their teachers to do things for them for a specific amount of money. It can be something as wacky as shaving one’s head bald or dressing up as a clown, or something unusual, like facing a fear of snakes by wrapping one around one’s neck. Well, many of those deals were made and many goals were achieved: from Mr. Sparks having his legs waved if his class reached a certain amount of donations they set for themselves to Mr. Kitteringham dying his eyebrows pink if the school exceeded the $15,000 goal.

“I didn’t tell my wife or children, so there’s going to be a big surprise tonight,” said Mr. Kitteringham upon dying his eyebrows pink

This was a fun and innovative way to encourage student donations towards the Terry Fox Foundation, while still allowing it to have a spirit of charity. For other students, Terry Fox fundraising was a way to ensure a spot into this year’s TUFF Wally: a school-oriented TUFF Mudder course for students and teachers alike to participate in hopes of finishing in the fastest time. Food was also sold and students performed in between the teacher challenges!

Overall, the fundraising was a success as the school completed their fundraising goal of $15,000. There was so much school and community participation that WGSS

was able to  and raise over $20,000 in donations. To date, more than $750 million has been raised worldwide in Terry Fox’s name “to fund the most promising and innovative research.” Not only did this allow for donations to be brought in to help support it, but this raised awareness worldwide (not just in WGSS) about what exactly Terry Fox did and what makes this foundation so successful. This has been an amazing year for Terry Fox and we’d like to thank everyone who participated in donations towards the foundation and the teams who competed in TUFF Wally! Also a thank you is in order to the teachers and students for their amazing support and for helping this event go smoothly!

“Even if I do not finish, we need others to continue. It has got to keep going without me.” Terry Fox, National Hero


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