WGSS vs RE Mountain, the Debate Tournament

Matthew Kim, Entertainment Writer

As preparation for the UBC tournament on November 13th, Walnut Grove’s Debate Team went to R.E Mountain on November 3rd to do a mini debate using the same topics they debated at UBC. The debate styles consisted of British Parliamentary and the Canadian National Debate Format. British Parliamentary has 4 teams which compete together, and Canadian National Debate Format has two teams competing.

The debate topics were “this house would support the privatization of water” and “this house supports a mandatory quota of refugees”. Debate team members Rachel Smith, Yilian Zhao, and Patricia Melgar debated for the juniors, and Ethan Carlson, Kai Aldag and debate team coaches, Anna Hwang and Heon Lee debated for the seniors.

Each team of two were given an allotment of time to prepare their speeches on why they should be for or against the situation. First and second speakers from both R.E. Mountain and Walnut Grove Secondary went back and forth with their arguments, trying to convince the judges of their convictions.

At the end of the debate, winners were settled. Heon Lee won first place and Anna Hwang won second place for the seniors, and Yilian Zhao and Rachel Smith won second place for the juniors.

“We had valid points and logical arguments that lead us to victory.” – Kumi Pillay, Grade 8

“Our debate was successful because we managed to present our points clearly and we were persuasive in our arguments as we learned how to become better debaters.” -Ethan Carlson, Grade 12

To conclude the day, everyone shook hands and ate pizza: congratulating the winners while also taking away valuable lessons for further honing their debate skills.

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