May 28, 2024

Fueling the Family Feuds!

Fueling the Family Feuds!

Una Chang & Lauren Kim, Features writers

Hello Gators! This week marked the end of WGSS’s annual Family Feud! But first of all, what is Family Feud you may wonder? In brief, Family Feud is a question-answer based reality TV show where two teams of five compete against each other in order to win a grand prize. The game works by asking the teams poll-based questions in their attempt to guess the top answers of that poll question. The teams take turns answering the poll question, however, there is a twist: the points that are won by the other team for answering the poll correctly can be stolen!

This year, the Student Council hosted a collab of Junior and Senior Family Feud at once, instead of doing them separately like they did it in the previous years. Here’s a rundown of what happened:

This year’s Family Feud consisted of 6 teams fighting for a $50 cash prize:

Angus (Grade 12’s)
Spice Girls (Grade 11’s)
Backyardigans (Grade 10’s)
Avengers (Grade 10’s)
The Meshens (Grade 12’s)
The ELL Team (Grade 11+12’s)

On day one, the Meshens and the Avengers competed against each other, with the Meshens as the winner.

On day two, the ELL team and the Backyardigans competed against each other, with the Backyardigans as the winner.

The third day was the first day of the semifinals, with Meshens and the Spice Girls competing against each other. After a tough battle, the Meshens went up to the finals!

The last game before the finals, the Angus team and the Backyardigans competed against each other, with the Angus team as the winner.

In the Finals, the Meshens and the Angus competed against each other… After a tough battle, the $50 cash prize went to the Angus. Congratulations Angus and everyone else who played!

Family Feud is a great annual event that Student Council runs every year, so if you didn’t participate this year, make sure to do it next year!

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