July 22, 2024

Writer, Alissa Ahrens

It’s that crazy time of year when it’s holiday after holiday until the new year. While this time is exciting and definitely appreciated by Walmart and Dollarama, there is the question of which holiday rules them all. Although we all appreciate Thanksgiving feasts, it is celebrated in no way like Halloween or Christmas. I’ve asked students at WGSS which holiday they prefer. Here is what they had to say.

Many students agree that spooky season is their favourite time of year. They argue that it’s an exciting time, there’s an energy around Halloween, perhaps from the excessive amount of candy accumulated during trick-or-treating. Other students said they like the chance to express their creativity and identity with costumes. Every year at Grove, there are tons of awesome costumes showcased by students and teachers! Group costumes can be especially fun and an opportunity to have fun with friends. One student remarked that they like Halloween because it’s an essential part of fall, one of the best seasons. I know I love that fall sweater weather, however, the chill can be inconvenient when wearing a not-so-warm costume. Lastly, all Halloween lovers agreed that they loved the spookiness of being scared, whether that be scary movies, Fright Nights or just being scared.

Despite the love shown for Halloween, Christmas took the win; of all the students who liked Halloween better, almost twice as many said they preferred Christmas. The most popular reason? Plain old Christmas spirit. Most of the people who like jingle bells over monster mashes argue that the spirit of Christmas is unbearable. Everyone in the community is kinder and the streets are lit up with festive lighting hire in December. Generosity is not only seen with gift-giving but also with the numerous donations and fundraisers that take place. We all consider Christmas a time to show our love for others. And who can deny that they like to give and receive presents? Probably my favourite part of this holiday, and an aspect enjoyed by many others, is the food. Christmas dinners with my family all together is a time I cherish. Festive feasts are delicious but let’s not forget about the decadent Christmas chocolates and cookies! Gingerbread, shortbread, Lindor Balls, and advent calendars. The countdown to Christmas is on with all these tasty snacks.

While the stores may start preparing for Halloween in September, Halloween only really lasts one day. It’s not the same as the transition to Christmas in December. The Christmas carols on the radio, the colder weather- sometimes even snow- and holiday candles. The juxtaposition of an exciting buzz in the air, paired with the obvious relief from winter break air is what makes Christmas the favourite holiday of the WGSS student body.

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