May 28, 2024

WYNS Menchie’s Fundraiser for Terminally Ill Children

Una Chang, Writer

“Our goal is to help terminally ill children, and for our first fundraiser, we [did] a Menchie’s sale!” ~ Anderson Kuo, WYNS Executive

On September 27th and 29th, the Wish Youth Network Society (WYNS) Club had a Menchie’s sale after school. Their goal was to donate all the money acquired from this fundraiser to terminally ill children. They did this in hopes of making life easier for the children and to invest in research being conducted to study their critical conditions.

“Our mission is to rekindle and sustain hope for those families who are affected, as well as to foster a community of optimism for support.” ~ WYNS Website

Each bowl of frozen yogurt was sold for $2, an awesome price! WYNS even went the extra mile and stuck hand drawn comics and inspirational sayings on sticky notes to every single bowl of Menchie’s. Flavors ranged from Cookie Dough, to Strawberry, to Vanilla, and more! Oddly enough, the classic Vanilla was the one with the most bowls left over.

As a team, WYNS decided that roughly 200 small bowls of Menchie’s would suffice for a fundraiser, and they were right. On the first day, the Wish Youth Network Society team sold over 100 bowls of froyo to staff and students alike. The rest of the Menchie’s bowls were sold and WYNS even considered buying more of the popular flavors. To order the Menchie’s fundraising bowls, the club had to fill out the online form and apply to be considered. Once approved, Menchie’s sold bowls of assorted flavors to WYNS for the mere price of one dollar! All the profit was then donated to the Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

“The final profit was $191!” ~ Sydney Fang, WYNS Executive

If you want more information, or to get involved, visit their meetings! WYNS meets every Friday at lunch in Ms. Gibson’s room (166). See you there gators!


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